Dan Shapiro (L) and friend
Dan Shapiro (L) and friendFlash 90

Former ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro mocked US President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner following the downgrading of his security clearance.

Shapiro tweeted on Twitter: "Conducting Middle East peace negotiations without the benefit of sensitive intelligence can leave you foggy – like on Purim trying to tell the difference between Blessed be Mordecai and Cursed be Haman."

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that Kushner, President Trump's senior adviser, had lost access to information classified as "extremely confidential" and henceforth was not allowed to be exposed to secret and sensitive documents as he had been so far.

The reason for lowering the classification is Kushner's relations with foreign government officials. According to unconfirmed allegations by the Post, Israel and three other countries planned to manipulate Kushner.

The Post claims that anonymous sources told the paper officials at least four countries, including Israel, privately discussed ways to manipulate Kushner through his complex business arrangements, financial difficulties, and lack of foreign policy experience.