Several people were injured Wednesday when an unauthorized vehicle tried to enter the US army campus in Fort Meade, Maryland that serves as the headquarters of the National Security Agency (NSA), Reuters reported.

A statement released by the NSA following the incident said that “Weapons were discharged in the course of the incident, which remains under investigation.”

“The situation is under control and there is no ongoing security of safety threat.”

The statement also said that several people had been taken to hospitals. Earlier reports indicated up to three people had been injured in the incident. While shots had been fired, the statement said, none of the injuries appeared to be from gunshots.

According to Reuters, police earlier had searched a black SUV at the scene of the incident and had contents of the vehicle removed and checked by a police dog. Footage at the scene showed the SUV with what appeared to be bullet holes in its windshield.

The White House said that President Trump had been briefed on the shooting.