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Attorney Yossi Fuchs, who petitioned the Supreme Court a few weeks ago demanding the police refrain from making recommendations on the indictment of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, responded to the police announcement issued yesterday recommending indict ment of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in both the "Case 1000" and "Case 2000" investigations, involving allegations of gifts from wealthy businessmen and collusion with a newspaper publisher.

Attorney Fuchs says the police announcement does not recommend that Netanyahu be charged with any offense, nor does the announcement state that an evidentiary basis has been established for filing an indictment for any offense.

"The police who completed their investigations state in their announcement that there is evidence to substantiate suspicions," Fuchs said. "It's certainly not a recommendation to file an indictment, but rather the police describe in the announcement the conclusions of its investigators regarding suspicions against the Prime Minister."

Attorney Fuchs congratulated the police for acting in accordance with the ruling in the petition submitted by him to the Supreme Court. "The Israel Police fully followed the instructions of the Attorney General, as stated in its response to the Supreme Court. No recommendations were attached to the indictment summing up the investigation file, and the message itself sent to the media was formulated and approved by the Attorney General."

Fuchs noted that media outlets disseminating fake news, as he puts it, deserve to be discredited. "Unfortunately, the media chooses to advance its agenda over choosing to report a description of the legal reality," he concluded.

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