Marc Zell, chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel, related on Thursday in an interview with Arutz Sheva to the saga surrounding Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

Last week, the Republican party released a previously classified memo showing that the Department of Justice inappropriately used a piece of opposition research into President Donald Trump during the presidential race to obtain surveillance warrants on transition team members as part of the federal investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia.

“This is an attempt by the FBI, and to some extent other intelligence agencies, to use false information about a candidate to obtain illegal search warrants and telephone wiretapping warrants against a candidate for the presidency of the United States and his staff,” Zell said.

“The Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton their candidate, probably with the knowledge of the President of the United States Barack Obama, hired a company to hire an ex-British spy who went out and gathered all this dirt about President Trump and try to use this to disparage him during the campaign, and then they gave that information to the FBI, the FBI paid for this, then went to a special court, obtained a warrant to wiretap American citizens in an attempt to embarrass the presidential candidate Donald Trump and his team and to try to link them to some kind of Russian collusion in the elections...and as we learn more and more about this scandal, the information is that it wasn't Donald Trump that was in touch with the Russians or using Russian information, it was Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party with the apparent knowledge of President Obama,” he added.

If these facts are true, warned Zell, “they've committed serious crimes and people can go to jail – and it will not be President Trump or his people.”

Russian attempts to meddle in the United States elections are nothing new, he explained, but “what is new here is that U.S. government officials tried to make use of this information and this Russian hacking in order to tilt the scales in favor of a particular candidate – Hillary Clinton – in the elections.”

“I'm not trying to defend the Russians, but the real guilty parties here are the Democrats who were making use of this information, and the intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, whose people were involved in this and who stated in text messages that they would do basically anything to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president of the United States. Well, they failed, and now the truth is coming out,” declared Zell.