IDF base (illustrative)
IDF base (illustrative)Flash 90

The "Strava" athletic activity application, which allows users to share possible running routes, exposed the locations of various IDF bases, as well as the activities of soldiers' patrols and the locations of training sessions.

The app monitors the soldiers' activities, as well as their patrol routes, displaying both as possible running routes.

Natan Roser, a 20-year-old Australian university student, told Channel 2, "I looked at it and immediately understood how bad this is. I understood that the best way to deal with it is to expose the problem, so that it can be fixed. Somebody would have realized it at some point, and I happened to be the one to make the connection."

An IDF spokesperson responded, "Lately, the IDF has used smart watches. Soldiers have been instructed not to allow the watches or similar applications, as well as social media, to detect their location, and they have been instructed on how to safely use these items in a way which does not endanger the IDF or their personal safety."

"The IDF will examine this application and instruct soldiers personally if need be. It should be noted that the application is a civilian application, and people other than the IDF use it. The information it provides on IDF bases is unofficial and unregulated."