The American Center for Democracy (ACD) published a video exposing Muslim religious leaders' stance on the LGBT community.

In an article on ACD's website, Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld wrote, "Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau touts himself as a leader who grants equality and rights for the LGBTQ community. At the same time, he also embraces and promotes the growing Islamist movement in Canada, which views homosexuality as a crime punishable by lashing and even death."

She also noted that "the Islamists make no secret of their views. They promote them in mosques, public lectures, articles and books often distributed free in bookstores and on city street corners."

Muslim books sold in Canadian bookstores detail how to execute LGBT individuals, including throwing them from roofs, stoning them, and burning them to death, Dr. Ehrenfeld continued.

The Islamic State (ISIS) is a recent example. In that Islamist regime, LGBT individuals are executed by pushing them off a high place and then stoning them when they hit the ground.