InfiltratorsYonatan Sindel/Flash90

The American Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), an umbrella body for liberal American Jewish public policy groups, called on Israel’s government not to expel the tens of thousands of African infiltrators who entered the country illegally before a fence closing off the Sinai border was constructed.

A number of American liberal groups, chief among them HIAS, the lead Jewish immigration advocacy group, have decried Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s recently announced plans to force some 40,000 infiltrators to choose between leaving Israel and jail.

The infiltrators receive Israeli benefits as well as money and legal aid from the European Union and foreign NGOs, and some earn more than the average Israeli wage.

These illegal infiltrators, many of whom receive National Insurance benefits paid with sums Israelis have taken off their salaries, have caused a significant rise in crime, making life in southern Tel Aviv unbearable for residents.

Their children, known as "anchor babies," fill Jewish kindergartens in the areas in which they live and receive state-of-the-art facilities and medical care at Israelis' expense.

“We urge the government to suspend its plan to deport Eritrean and Sudanese asylum-seekers who entered the country between 2007-12, and develop a comprehensive policy for non-Jewish asylum-seekers that safeguards human dignity and human rights,” said a statement Tuesday from the JCPA. “We believe that such a policy would ensure Israel’s security.”

A letter sent by ADL-HIAS to Netanyahu read, “As American Jews, one of our greatest concerns is the well-being and security of Israel; we want to see it prosper and overcome all of the challenges its precarious location imposes on it. We also care about our shared Jewish values and refugee heritage — a very human concern that reaches across borders and distances — and unifies us as a people.”

The Coalition for Jewish Values, a large US Orthodox rabbinic group, has said that since its members do not live in Israel and therefore do not bear the consequences of the governnment's decision-making, they refrain for interfering in Israel's internal matters.