According to the haredi Yeshiva World News website, United States President Donald Trump personally congratulated a religious Jewish couple on thei nuptials on Tuesday.

"Dear Devorah and Shlomo," began the letter, which was read to the assembled guests. "Congratulations on your wedding! Melania and I join your family in celebrating this joyous occasion and your love and commitment to one another".

"As you embark on this journey together, may your hearts grow fonder and may your love grow deeper each day, and may God continue to bless your life together." The letter, printed on official White House stationery, was signed by President Trump.

The letter was presented to the bride and groom by Sergio Gor, who serves as Senator Rand Paul's communications director.

While the background of the letter is unclear, the haredi community in the United States has reportedly evinced strong support for the president in the wake of Trump's decision to pardon Sholom Rubashkin last month. Rubashkin had been sentenced to 27 years in prison for fraud and money laundering. Throngs of Orthodox Jews cheered Trump's motorcade in Florida later that week and a video surfaced of haredi Jews reciting a special prayer for Trump's welfare in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Most of the American Orthodox community voted for Trump in the presidential elections, in contrast to the Conservative and Reform sectors.