Derech Hamelech
Derech HamelechIDF Spokesperson

The IDF revealed on Wednesday the existence of its “startup unit,” which develops innovative technological applications for intelligence officers to use in field operations.

The applications which the highly classified unit develops help officers make operational decisions by processing vast amounts of intelligence information in real time.

Officers are able to access the information via tablets for use during operational activity.

Among the many projects on which the unit is working, two were cleared for publication.

One application, known as “Shidur Choker” (“Research Broadcast”) provides officers with up-to-date topological pictures and intelligence information about the terrain which the IDF force is about to enter, including notifications on the existence of armed or uninvolved persons in the terrain.

אפליקציית ''שידור חוקר'' של יחידה 3060

A second application, known as “Derech Hamelech” ("The Path of the King”) allows officers to navigate enemy terrain in 3D, thus helping officers determine the best path for forces to take in order to minimize chances of detection by the enemy.

אפליקציית ''דרך המלך'' של יחידה 3060