Gilad Shalit
Gilad ShalitFlash 90

The Hamas terror organization published on its Twitter account three pictures of formerly captive IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

Shalit was captured in 2006 in a Hamas attack. He was released in 2011, in exchange for over 1,000 convicted terrorists. Since then, Hamas has promised and carried out additional kidnappings, in efforts to replicate a similar deal.

Some of the freed "Shalit deal" terrorists have continued on to kill additional Israelis.

In the pictures, Shalit can be seen sitting beside the terrorists and a Hamas flag.

חמאס טוען: תמונות חדשות של גלעד שליט מהשבי

— חדשות עשר (@news10) January 3, 2018

Last November, Hamas published a video clip from Shalit's imprisonment, in which Shalit can be seen sitting on a chair surrounded by terrorists from Hamas' "military" department.

In the second part of the video, Shalit has his head lowered, and a third part shows him receiving water from the terrorists.

It is not clear when these videos were filmed, but Shalit is wearing the same shirt he was released in.