Rabbi Meir Goldmintz
Rabbi Meir Goldmintzself

The left-wing organization Rabbis for Human Rights has sent a letter to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit demanding an investigation of Rabbi Meir Goldmintz, head of the Havat Gilad yeshiva as well as an investigation of the Arutz Sheva website, both on suspicion of encouraging the perpetration of an offense in an op-ed published in Hebrew on December 5th and written by Rabbi Goldmintz.

The article states, "If an Arab is ready to sell [land], we will agree to buy the land, but when it is impossible to buy it, the original law repeats that the land is ours and we should take it out of our eternal right to the Land of Israel."

It also says, "As long as we do not raise our flag high, and declare that we have the right to build our homes and communities on 'private Palestinian land,' and as long as it is not clearly stated that what was true in the Sharon and the coastal plain [of Israel] is also true in Samaria and Judea, maybe we'll win 'points' [in world opinion], but we'll lose the entire campaign."

The leftist organization claims that this is a clear call to ratify the theft of private Arab land, to which the Arutz 7 site gave a podium.

Recently, the left has pushed for the closure of Channel 20, the only right-wing Israeli television channel. Accusations accuse the channel of violating the terms of its license in broadcasting news and current affairs.

The channel was promised it would be granted permission to broadcast news in December 2016, but the final decision to grant that permission has been continuously delayed.

Critics of the push say the accusations against Channel 20 are merely an attempt by the left to undermine democracy and control the Israeli media.