Iran (illustrative)
Iran (illustrative)Reuters

The Revolutionary Guard killed three Iranians participating in a Saturday night demonstration in Iran's Loerstan province, Saudi Arabia's Al-Arabiya network reported.

The incident has not been officially confirmed.

The string of protests, which began Thursday night, call for an end to the Iranian government's policies and corruption.

Those supporting the Iranian government claim the protesters' main complaint is rampant unemployment and the corruption Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is currently fighting.

According to Fars, seventy students protested at Tehran University, throwing rocks at local police and chanting "Death to the dictator."

Reuters reported that protesters elsewhere in Tehran had also been arrested, and in the western towns of Shahr-e Kord and Dorud, Iranian authorities used tear gas to counter the protesters.

Meanwhile, Iranian media claimed the demonstrations were the responsibility of US, British, and Israeli spies seeking to "stir unrest" in the country. The state-controlled IRINN said it had been banned from covering the demonstrations.

On Friday, an Iranian official said 52 people had been arrested in the previous day's protests against high prices in the city of Mashhad.

Protesters changed, "Death to the dictator" and "Not Gaza, not Lebanon, my life for Iran," a reference to anger in some circles that the government is focusing on the wider region rather than improving conditions at home.