Eli Yishai
Eli YishaiEdi Israel/Flash 90

Former MK Eli Yishai spoke about the "Supermarket Law," Wednesday, saying that Interior Minister Aryeh Deri must amend the problematic issues in the proposed law if he does not want it struck down.

The "Supermarket Law" was approved in a first reading earlier this month. If passed, it will grant the Interior Minister the powers to disqualify municipal bylaws promoted by local authorities. The law's passing will effectively shut down supermarkets that had been operating on Shabbat (the Sabbath) with permission from their local authority.

However, the "Supermarket Law" will not apply to Tel Aviv, and supermarkets there will be allowed to remain open on Shabbat.

"I call on Minister Deri to listen to the experts, who are pointing out the problematic issues inherent in the Supermarket Law," Yishai told Kol Barama Radio. "He should amend the law today, before the Supreme Court cancels it again. I am happy to meet with him [about him], as long as he takes the proper steps for the Shabbat's sake."

Yishai also said that enforcement against those who desecrate Shabbat in public and illegally needs to be stronger.

"During my period as Economy Minister, I insisted on an additional million NIS ($287,410), so that I could add supervisors who would enforce the Law of Labor and Rest on Shabbat. The fact that only 28 fines were handed out in 2016 is a cause for concern.."