Security forces in Kusra (archive)
Security forces in Kusra (archive)Roy Alima/Flash 90

The IDF, the Border Police and the Israel Police conducted an operation the Palestinian Arab village of Kusra overnight Sunday.

During the operation seven suspects were arrested on suspicion of involvement in an attack on Israelis who were on a Bar Mitzvah hike near the village a few weeks ago.

The suspects are also suspected of participating in violent disturbances that took place after the attack both in the village and outside it. Detainees suspected of incitement to terrorism were also arrested.

All the suspects were transferred to the Israel Police for interrogation.

The attack took place on November 30 when the children were on an IDF-approved Bar Mitzvah trip near Migdalim.

As the children were hiking, an Arab mob, mostly from Kusra, attempted to lynch the children.

The accompanying parents, who were acting lawfully as armed escorts, shot at the Arab terrorists, killing one of them.

An internal police investigation found last week that the shooting of the Arab rioter was self-defense and was thus justified.