The tourist and his children with the police
The tourist and his children with the policePolice spokesperson

A tourist from Australia received a shock when he saw the charge on his credit card after enjoying a meal at the Ash-Shawish restaurant near Muristan Square in the Christian Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem Thursday.

The tourist found that instead of the NIS 350 ($100) the meal should have cost, he had been charged NIS 36,000 ($10,320), more than 100 times the true cost of the meal.

The tourist rushed to the police station. The researchers immediately summoned the restaurant owners, who canceled the charge and returned the money to the tourist.

The tourist was pleased with the quick reaction of the police, and returned to the police station in the Old City, together with his children, with a cake for the policemen as a token of gratitude.

The police noted that one of the main activities in which the David Region police operate is to assist the thousands of tourists who visit the Old City throughout the year, in order to provide a quick and professional response so that they can continue their journey safely and without being taken advantage of.