Terror attack in Jerusalem
Terror attack in JerusalemYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The Ministerial Committee on Legislation is to be presented today, Sunday, with MK Moti Yogev’s (Jewish Home) bill proposing to allow the expulsion of terrorists' families from Israel or within Israel in order to create additional deterrence against terrorism.

The bill was submitted after the Supreme Court in the past forbade the state, on grounds of “disproportionality,” from deporting terrorists’ families from Israel.

Yogev said this morning, "The bill, which seeks to allow the expulsion of families of murderers from their homes, was intended to correct a defect brought upon us by the Supreme Court, when it prohibited the expulsion of terrorists from Israel or to the Gaza Strip. “

“The expulsion of the families of terrorists is yet another tool to deter and prevent a terrorist from carrying out his plot and to save lives. If the terrorist knows that his family will be deported if he attacks and its condition destabilized, he will reconsider his actions. This was the case in the past, and this tool must be added to the list of available options in order to add more deterrence and save lives. This is the purpose and intent of the law, and I hope that it will indeed be approved. "