Arab shepherds surround Jewish town
Arab shepherds surround Jewish townDavid Herzlich

Arab shepherds with hundreds of sheep, goats, and cows on Friday morning neared the Jewish town of Maskiot in the Jordan Valley, in an attempt to provoke the Jewish residents.

In recent months, Arabs have arrived daily at Maskiot, encouraged by extreme leftist activists.

David Herzlich, who lives in Maskiot, told Arutz Sheva that the shepherds arrive carrying cameras, and come with their sheep to the IDF training field and the town's agricultural fields.

"Their whole purpose in coming here is to disturb the residents," he explained. "For several weeks already, extreme leftist activists have brought shepherds from the Arab town of Hamam al-Maliah, and given them cameras to provoke us with. Today was especially bad - six herds surrounded the town, and the leftists encouraged them."

According to Herzlich, IDF and police forces do not distance the Arabs.

"The IDF says there's nothing they can do, and that they can only help us if the Arabs actually infiltrate," he explained. "This morning I chased off a shepherd who carried a cell phone and a rock. There are a lot of flocks which, without the encouragement and support of the extreme left, would never come here. This has been going on for the past two months, every day, and the IDF and police stand by helpless. Today, residents had to chase the herds and Arab shepherds off by themselves."

Arab shepherds surround the Jewish town of Maskiot
Arab shepherds surround the Jewish town of MaskiotCredit: David Herzlich