Ron Yitzhak Kukia
Ron Yitzhak KukiaCourtesy of the family

Levana Kukia, the mother of IDF soldier Ron Yitzhak Kukia, who was murdered on Thursday in a stabbing attack in Arad, spoke with Army Radio on Tuesday about the events of recent days.

On the capture of the murderers, the bereaved mother said, "They told us that they found the weapons and told us that they caught the murderer or the two who cooperated. It was very important for us that the full extent of the law be employed against them."

She reconstructed the last hours of Ron's life. "Ron was early for his ride and I saw that he was not calling. I sent him an SMS to let me know where he was - and he did not answer.”

"I called again and again and he did not answer, I turned on the television and saw that a soldier had been stabbed in Arad. We took the car and drove to Soroka [hospital], and there from a distance I already saw three officers waiting for us. I told my husband, ‘It’s out turn,’ and I understood that the boy was gone,” she said.

Boaz Kukia, Ron's father, said that “Ron was our youngest son, seven years younger than the sister before him. He was a quiet and introverted child, a good and friendly boy. "