Generals Peach and Eizenkot
Generals Peach and EizenkotIDF Spokesman

The Chief of Staff of the British army General Sir Stuart Peach arrives today (Thursday) for an official visit to Israel as guest of the IDF Chief of Staff, Gadi Eizenkot.

General Peach was received at the Hakirya army base in Tel Aviv by an honor guard of IDF soldiers headed by General Eizenkot.

Generals Eizenkot and Peach
Generals Eizenkot and PeachIDF Spokesman

During the visit, the British Chief of Staff and General Eizenkot will discuss joint security challenges and examine options for future military cooperation.

An IDF source said that "This visit illustrates the strength of the strategic ties between the two armies and states."

Honor guard ceremony
Honor guard ceremonyIDF Spokesman