Egyptian military vehicle in northern Sinai
Egyptian military vehicle in northern SinaiReuters

Egypt and other moderate Arab countries in the region are pressing Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to return to negotiations with Israel, Israel Hayom reported this morning.

A senior Egyptian official told the newspaper that Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf countries are interested in creating a front aimed at dealing with the common terror threats in the region.

A senior official in Abbas’ office in Ramallah confirmed to Israel Hayom that "the PA is under tremendous pressure from countries in the region to return to the negotiating table with Israel and to fully and comprehensively renew security coordination with Israel, in an attempt to create a regional front in the fight against terror and Iranian influence in the region.”

According to the PA official, the pressure exerted by Egypt on Abbas to renew security coordination immediately with Israel has increased significantly in light of the attack in Sinai on Friday, and the Egyptian security establishment’s suspicion that some of the perpetrators of the attack and other wanted persons in Sinai have fled to Gaza through Hamas smuggling tunnels in Rafiah with the knowledge of senior members of the organization.