Yitzhak Dvir Feina
Yitzhak Dvir Feinapublished with permission of the family

Deep mourning descended upon the city of Arad when it learned of the tragic accident that took place on the Mitzpe Ramon cliffs last Thursday.

The young man killed in the rappelling accident is Yitzhak Dvir Feina, 23, the son of Rabbi Yehoshua and Ronit Feina, residents of Arad.

Rabbi Yehoshua Feina is the head of the Bnei Akiva religious girls high school in Arad and the rabbi of the Rashbi synagogue in the city.

Residents of Arad said that Dvir was one of the most prominent figures among the city's young adults; charismatic, caring, very active, and with a winning smile.Despite his youth, he managed to become popular and work in many circles in the city, with young and old, religious and secular alike.Everyone felt he was their best friend, everyone's child.

In the past year, Dvir returned to the yeshiva high school in Yeruham where he had studied, this time as a counselor for the 11th grade. The funeral that took place on Friday afternoon was attended by several hundred residents, friends, and students.

Rabbi Yair Ya'akobi, Rosh Yeshiva in Yeruham, eulogized him and said that Dvir managed in so short a life to touch so many people, including his students, from the high school in which he was active.This is because of the love and inner truth he radiated.

His friends from IDF Platoon 401 unit in which he served spoke of a captivating young man who united the entire team and always made sure they were happy, even in the most difficult moments. They also spoke of the acts of kindness he did in Arad, Yeruham and other places.

Only the circle of close friends knew about the system that Dvir set up, how he quietly and modestly organized a group of students and counselors to collect and distribute food to the needy every weekend.

Dvir left behind his parents, six brothers and sisters, many friends and a sad community.

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