The Zimbabwean army is holding President Robert Mugabe, and Zimbabwe appears to be facing a military coup.

Military forces took control of the state radio network ZBC this morning (Wednesday) and announced that Mugabe, 93, and his family were in a "safe place".At this stage it is still unclear where Mugabe and his wife Grace were taken.

Armored vehicles blocked roads leading to government offices, parliament, and courts in central Harare.

Army personnel chief SBMoyo, considered close to the Chief of Staff, said, "We are only working against criminals in his environment who commit crimes that cause economic and social suffering in the country, to bring them to justice." He threatened that "every provocation will be responded to in a proper manner ... We expect the situation to return to normality upon completion of the mission."

The United States and the United Kingdom called upon their citizens in Zimbabwe to remain in their homes.Zimbabwe's ruling party said this morning it was a non-violent change of government.

The party's Twitter account said, "There was a decision to intervene because our constitution was challenged. Neither Zimbabwe nor ZANU belong to Mugabe and his wife, and today a new and refreshing era is beginning."