PrayersNati Shochet, Flash 90

A southern Gaza Belt kibbutz fired its security coordinator for allowing a mourner to hold prayers in honor of his deceased father.

The kibbutz, Nirim, belongs to the radically secular and leftist Zionist youth movement Hashomer Hatzair.

The father of one of the members died a month ago, and his son and some friends scheduled a meeting on Fridays, before Shabbat (Sabbath) begins, in order to allow the son to recite the traditional Jewish "Kaddish prayer offspring recite daily in the synagogue for deceased parents.

Since their town does not have a synagogue, the security coordinator suggested they meet in one of the bomb shelters, which stand empty unless there is a security risk.

According to Yediot Aharonot, the security coordinator requested permission from the IDF to use the shelter for prayers, and according to one of the residents, received permission to do so.

After receiving permission from the IDF, the friends gathered in the bomb shelters on Fridays, to say Kaddish and the evening prayers of whichit is a part. However, some of the kibbutz's members saw this as a subversive attempt to start a synagogue.

The kibbutz's director called the security coordinator to task, and decided to fire him from his position. He was summoned to a hearing, which is scheduled for the beginning of next week. The kibbutz has already appointed his replacement.

The security coordinator began working after 2014's Operation Protective Edge, and recently received a badge of excellence for his work from the IDF.

"This issue is not closed as yet," a spokesperson for the kibbutz management said. "Since it is an issue of employer-employee relations, we do not intend to discuss it with anyone."