Bus stop in Judea/Samaria
Bus stop in Judea/SamariaFlash 90

Protective barriers have been erected at many bus stops in the Etzion region , as part of the IDF Central Command's program to prevent vehicular terror attacks. The concrete barriers and metal poles are designed to protect pedestrians waiting for their bus from terrorists who attempt to carry out ramming and stabbing attacks.

The IDF noted that "this is a joint project of the regional defense system, the Home Front Command and the Engineering Directorate, during which special yellow protection posts have been placed in stations whose purpose is to prevent attacks on pedestrians. A vehicle which accelerates quickly with the intent of mowing down pedestrians will be stopped by the barriers and will not be able to continue on."

The brigade commander of the Etzion Brigade, Maj. Yair Cohen, reminded the residents of the safety rules at the bus stops. "Waiting for the bus / transportation will take place from within the protected area - do not pass the yellow markers in order to reduce the chance of being hit by a passing vehicle or of an accident. And there are soldiers in the station who are guarding the place - their clear instructions must be obeyed. Their mission is to protect you."

Major Cohen added: "Avoid standing in places you wouldn't normally stand in, and especially in dark places. It may save your life. The existing public transportation should be used in the sector, and hitchhiking should be avoided as much as possible."

However, he said that if the residents choose to hitchhike, they must "make sure that the driver is indeed an Israeli driver. If you notice anything suspicious, do not take the ride. Report it quickly to the security center at 1208 (relevant to any security incident you encountered anywhere in Judea and Samaria).