The Gamatronic corporation has expanded its operations in the United States. The formidable JetBlue corporation has decided to purchase UPS systems from the Israeli company that will be used by JetBlue's five simulators on its training campus, where the company's pilots, air crews, and other teams are trained.

The American company's decision was finalized after a successful 120-day trial period, during which not one interruption was recorded in electricity flow to the imaging systems.

The purchased UPS systems will be used by JetBlue on its training campus in Orlando, Florida, where up to 300 students are trained at the same time.

Among the campus facilities used to train company pilots, air crews, customer service staff, and technical support, the company has five advanced flight simulators, which are a key part in training pilots and air crews, including simulators for flying the Airbus A320 and Embraer E190, alongside simulators simulating passenger cells.Similar systems were installed last year by Gamatronic for Ethiopian Airlines.

In order to ensure the simulator's continued operation without disruption, the American airline sought to find a backup solution to ensure the constant flow of electricity. Gamatronic's modular Centric 240KW Modular UPS systems were installed on the company's five simulators for a 120-day trial period during which there was no interruption in the flow of electricity even during power outages and surges.

After the successful experiment, Gamatronic was chosen to install the systems on the airline's campus to provide a safety net for the company's simulators during power outages.

CEO of Gamatronic Moshe Elimelech said, "We are greatly honored to take part in this JetBlue aviation project.We are proud to supply Israeli Blue and White systems around the globe and to prove, as always, that Israeli technology is the most advanced in the world."

"Our systems give our customers a peace of mind and high-efficiency, along with low maintenance costs - that's why we were eligible for this project for one of the major airlines in North America," added Elimelech.