trainingIDF spokesperson

An IDF officer was moderately injured when he fell into a pit during a military exercise in northern Israel Thursday afternoon.

The officer was evacuated to the hospital for treatment. The IDF is investigating the circumstances of the incident.

Last week, a female soldier was injured while carrying out routine maintenance of military vehicles at a base in southern Israel.

An initial investigation revealed that during her maintenance work on the base's Humveees, the soldier was crushed between two of the vehicles. She was evacuated by helicopter to Soroka Hospital, where she was described as conscious, but having difficulty breathing.

Last month, two IDF soldiers, including an officer, were killed when a military vehicle flipped over during a training exercise on the Golan Heights. Four other soldiers were injured in the accident.

Earlier this month, an IDF soldier was seriously injured when a grenade exploded during training at the Shivta artillery base in southern Israel.