Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit again warned Tuesday against the Likud-backed initiative that seeks to prohibit investigations of sitting prime ministers.

During a convention held by the Kohelet forum in Jerusalem, Mandelblit said that after the passage of the law, “The position of prime minister, the most important job in the country, will become a ‘city of refuge’ for the criminal.”

“And the truth needs to be said - the very fact that we need to explain why this is unreasonable is itself unreasonable. It is an substantive blow to the rule of law, to the principle of equality before the law, and the public’s trust.”

According to Mandelblit, “The existing legal situation in Israel reflects a delicate balance between different interests relating to the investigation of elected officials, including the prime minister.”

“According to the principles of MK immunity, an investigation against an MK, as well as a prime minister, cannot be opened as a result of an act committed by an elected official while serving as an MK.”

Mandelblit also noted that "The opening of an investigation against a prime minister depends on the personal approval of the most senior official in the law enforcement system - the attorney general, as does the decision to file an indictment. Moreover, these decisions, due to their nature, are made thoroughly and carefully. "

Head of the opposition, MK Isaac Herzog (Zionist Union), said in response to the remarks that "Anyone who was hoping for a puppet has received a professional who acts without compromise to strengthen the rule of law. Attorney General Mandelblit's remarks about the ‘French Law’ are courageous. The law must be stopped! "