Sara Netanyahu
Sara NetanyahuEliran Aharon

Journalist Ben Caspit will apologize to the prime minister's wife Sara Netanyahu on the pages of the Ma'ariv newspaper where he writes opinion columns, and, Ma'ariv's insurance company will pay NIS 50,000 ($14,000) in compensation to Mrs. Netanyahu.

In January 2010, Sarah Netanyahu filed a libel suit in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court against Caspit, Ma'ariv, and the newspaper's then-editor-in-chief, Yoav Tzur for NIS 1 million ($286,000). The suit was filed after Caspit wrote an article claiming that she had fired a 70-year-old gardener, a father who lost a son in the IDF, at the Prime Minister's residence.

Both Netanyahu and the gardener, who passed away during the proceedings, denied Caspit's allegations.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for this coming Sunday. Both Netanyahu and Caspit are expected to take the stand during the hearing.