IDF soldiers during Tuesday night's operation
IDF soldiers during Tuesday night's operationIDF spokesperson

Israeli security forces on Tuesday night raided eight Arab media outlets responsible for broadcasting incitement and encouraging terrorism.

The operation was carried out by IDF, Shabak (Israel Security Agency), and the Civil Administration, and included the closing of illegal and inciting media outlets, as well as the confiscation of documents and equipment.

Two wanted suspects were arrested during the operation, both on suspicion of incitement.

According to an IDF source, the operation is "part of expanded efforts to foil....every attempt at terror, including incitement. Security forces in the area will work to fight terror. This includes incitement, since it is clear that there is a direct correlation between incitement, terror attacks, and support for terror."

Separately, the IDF, Shabak, Border Police, and Israel Police arrested in Judea and Samaria 18 wanted terrorists. 15 of these terrorists were arrested on suspicion of involvement in "lone wolf" terror activity, disruption of order, and violence towards civilians and security personnel.

The suspects have been taken for interrogation. Confiscated items and other findings were turned over to investigators.