Rocket fire (archive)
Rocket fire (archive)Flash 90

Two rockets were fired on Sunday evening from the Sinai Peninsula towards the Eshkol Regional Council in southern Israel. The rockets appeared to have exploded in open areas, the IDF Spokesperson confirmed.

There were no reports of physical injuries or damages.

The Eshkol Regional Council noted that no rockets exploded near the communities in the region and that no special instructions were given to the residents following the attack.

The “Red Alert” incoming rocket siren was heard throughout the area before the rockets exploded.

According to a preliminary assessment by the defense establishment, there is a link between the rocket fire and the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation agreement that was reached last week.

Just last week, a rocket that was fired toward Israeli territory from Gaza exploded on the Gazan side of the border fence and not in Israeli territory.

An IDF tank later attacked an observation post belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in southern Gaza.