Australians protesting Muslim takeover
Australians protesting Muslim takeoverDavid Grey/REUTERS

ABC News Australia's James Thomas reports that a multi-million-dollar government helpline established to support those whose family or friends may be entangled in Islamic activism has achieved little.

The "Step Together" helpline was launched in June by the New South Wales Minister for Counter Terrorism, David Elliot, costing $3.9 million over three years, part of a $47 million program intended to "fight radicalization".

The helpline is staffed by professional counsellors seven days a week from 7:00am to 9:00pm, and advertises advice and counseling.

The Counter Terrorism Minister confirmed to ABC that the helpline received “around five phone calls” in the two months since its launch.

One anonymous ABC source said: “It costs millions, but only a few people have called it. One call was a wrong number, the other was a parent worried their kid was dating a Muslim.”

Elliott remains optimistic however, claiming that the government expected calls to increase “as the marketing efforts gradually expand”.