Abbas and Trump
Abbas and TrumpReuters

Minister Ofer Akunis (Likud) spoke this morning with Arutz Sheva about increasing reports of a US initiative for the renewal of negotiations between Israel and the PA to be presented soon.

“We are receiving reports about the desire of our friends in the US to renew diplomatic negotiations,” he said. “I think that the most important thing that we need to be adamant about until a US document is revealed is to present a position which many in the political and public sectors in Israel share: decisive opposition to the two-state solution.”

“It’s not just the attack last week, it’s not just the attacks in past years,” he added. “The two-state solution will not bring peace - it will distance it. It is a solution that will bring about a terror state in the heart of Israel.”

Okunis also addressed the upcoming meeting expected this week between PA and Hamas leadership. “My position is clear: Abbas is not a partner. He is among the main inciters against the State of Israel in every international forum and inside the PA. His meeting with Hamas is further proof of this, and the fact that he did not condemn the attack in Har Adar and other attacks is additional proof.”

“Our policy is contingent. We agree to talk without preconditions. If the PA thinks that it can force the two-state solution on us through the Americans, it is greatly mistaken.”