Guest at the party. Hajj Yahya
Guest at the party. Hajj YahyaMiriam Alster/Flash 90

Last week, Mohammed Khalf, a resident of Jatt, was released from a 12-year sentence for terrorist activity. According to Yediot Ahronot, the release party held for him by his family included the presence of MK Abd al-Hakim Haj Yahya of the Arab Joint List.

According to the report, Khalf had become involved in terror through his acquaintance with a Hamas terrorist by the name of Wael Zakala, whom Khalf employed in his carpentry business. Zakala introduced Khalf to the terror cell in which he was involved.

“As time passed, Khalf began to help Zakala’s terror cell more and more, including trying to obtain weapons for it,” the report reads. “The beginning of 2005 saw a gradual increase in cooperation between the two. Zakala, who saw that he was having difficulty obtaining materials in the Samaria region for the preparation of explosive devices for his terrorist cell, asked Khalf to take advantage of his access to such substances as an Israeli citizen. In March 2005, Khalf purchased materials used to manufacture explosives, including potassium and sulfur, and hid them in paper bags, traveling to Tulkarm to hand them over to the Zakala.”

“Zakala’s terror cell worked diligently, and its members were able to assemble explosives using the materials Khalf provided, producing at least nine improvised explosive devices. During an ambush on an IDF force in the Tulkarm area, they hurled one of the explosives.

“Khalf agreed to continue serving as the explosives materials supplier for the Hamas cell from Tulkarm. He received a shopping list from Zakala that, apart from the usual potassium and sulfur, this time included gunpowder, wicks and electric light bulbs. A Shin Bet operation led to the arrest of Zakala, and the continued transfer of materials between the two was cut off. "

Kalaf was convicted in the Tel Aviv District Court of offenses of assisting the enemy in war, contact with a foreign agent, possession of illegal weapons, and more, and was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, which ended a few days ago.

MK Haj Yahya of the Arab Joint List explained his joing the celebration held for the terrorist upon his release in a conversation with Yediot Ahronot, asserting that the terrorist had served his sentence and there was no reason to add to his punishment. "I do not even know what he did and what he was jailed for, and I'm not prepared to be another judge who will punish him after he paid his debt to society."