North Korean missile technology could reach Iran
North Korean missile technology could reach IranReuters

Iran remains the greatest threat to the State of Israel, according to IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot/

The Israeli defense establishment believes that despite declarations by US President Donald Trump that he wishes to change the Iran Nuclear Deal, it will not be possible to do so without the move resulting in a crisis.

This opinion will eventually be accepted by Trump with the held of American defense officials, the Israeli defense establishment believes,

Meanwhile, the Iranians are attempting to develop missiles that can strike targets with an accuracy of just a dozen meters from hundreds of miles away, as well as to supply them to terrorist groups such as Hezbollah.

The missile base that was attacked three weeks ago in the Hamat district of Syria, in an operation attributed to Israel, contained such missiles in the developmental stage. The bombing of the base halted the production of those advanced missiles in Syria and Lebanon.

The IDF believes that Iran is not only seeking nuclear capabilities, but is seeking to develop and improve its conventional weapons, which Tehran supplies to terrorist groups throughout the Middle East, including in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq.

The military forces of Syrian forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have also fired more anti-aircraft missiles than in the past. In March, the Syrian army fired a missile at an Israeli aircraft which attacked a weapons convey meant for Hezbollah. The missile was intercepted by the Arrow missile defense system.

The IDF is pleased with the weakening of the ISIS terrorist organization, which has shifted its focus to carrying out terrorist attacks around the world, especially in Europe, as it loses territory in Iraq and Syria. Israeli intelligence has helped in preventing dozens Islamist terrorist attacks around the world.