Israeli forces outside of Har Adar murderer's house
Israeli forces outside of Har Adar murderer's houseFlash 90

Brigadier General Yehiam Sasson, former head of the Counter-Terrorism Bureau, told Arutz Sheva that the murder attack on Har Adar proved once again that there is no logic to making a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority.

"What is special about this terror attack was that the Palestinian carried it out with a legal permit to enter Israel, meaning that today security forces have no real ability to examine and determine which of these workers is dangerous and who is not, every Palestinian who comes into conflict with an Israeli is a potential terrorist.

"Today we have seen that contrary to the opinions raised in the past according to which a Palestinian who receives a work permit has lower motivation to carry out an attack: We see that this is not true, and that every Palestinian who comes into contact with an Israeli could be a terrorist.

According to him, security officials will have to rethink how to deal with the reality that is unfolding before our eyes: "As long as Palestinians are allowed to work in Israel, serious and thorough preparations must be made by both the permit authorities and the testers, as well as the fighters," he said, adding that "we must deal more seriously with the illegal infiltrators and take a heavy hand against employers and those who provide living arrangements.

Sasson says easing restrictions and granting benefits to Palestinians failed. "Every time we give them something, we seem to gain time and postpone the end but do not solve anything. There is no doubt that there is cooperation and a common interest between the PA and Hamas to harm Israel," he said.

"This attack, like other terrorist attacks, should cause the Israeli government to rethink all the concessions that supposedly reduce terror, but this doesn't happen.The solution is to create a separation between us and the Palestinians, not a peace agreement, but a divorce agreement.Of course we will also have to consider the issue of workers."

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