President Rivlin pays a condolence visit to Rosenfeld family
President Rivlin pays a condolence visit to Rosenfeld familyMark Neiman/GPO

A military court in Judea on Monday sentenced terrorist Amjad Hamed to life in prison.

Hamed was a member of a Hamas terrorist cell which carried out the shooting attack in 2015 in which Malachi Rosenfeld was murdered and three others were wounded.

The terrorist was also ordered to pay 325,000 shekels in compensation and received a fine of 25,000 shekels.

The judge who sentenced Hamed to life imprisonment described the harsh actions of the terrorist in his ruling and explained why he should remain in prison for the rest of his life.

The judge, Col. Zvi Heilbronn, wrote that the terrorist was convicted of the most serious offense in the book.

"He provided the squad with the weapons, suggested a place to carry out the attack and worked actively to ensure that the perpetrator knew the area."

The judge further said that Hamed acted to conceal the murder by cleaning and dismantling the vehicle used to carry out the attack. "In his actions, the defendant harmed the sanctity of life in the most serious manner,” he wrote.

"The defendant and his accomplices also harmed the values of a person's bodily integrity, personal security, as well as the security of the public and the entire region," said the judge, who noted that in light of the terrorist's harsh actions there is no option but to slap a life sentence on him and "place him behind bars for the rest of his life. This punishment is the customary and most proper punishment for the crime of murder in Israel and in the region. This punishment is also the punishment that the defendant deserves, and which expresses his involvement and active contribution to the realization of the attack and the objectives of the terror cell. "

In January, a military court sentenced to life imprisonment Abdullah Asahak, who was the driver of the vehicle in which the members of the cell were traveling.

In addition to the prison sentence, Asahak was ordered to pay 250,000 shekels in compensation to Rosenfeld's family and an addition 25,000 shekels for each of the wounded in the attack.