Serb-Hungarian border fence
Serb-Hungarian border fenceReuters

The Hungarian Prime Minister's Security Advisor revealed that since the construction of the wall bordering Serbia, the number of immigrants entering Hungary has dropped by 90 percent.

Georgi Bakundi, Security Advisor to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Urban, said during a conference marking the second anniversary of the wall's construction that the wall erected by Hungary succeeded in almost completely blocking the immigrant flow into the country.According to data presented by Bakindi, by 2015, 391,000 immigrants had entered Hungary, but immediately after the wall's construction, their number dropped to 18,236 in 2016, and this year only 1,184 migrants crossed the border into Hungary.

"The system of technical barriers is the key to the success of border security, without which it would be impossible to stop the mass arrival of immigrants into Hungary," he said.

Hungary's Border Hunter units to target infiltrators
Hungary's Border Hunter units to target infiltratorsReuters

Hungary was forced to stop the influx of immigrants, which increased significantly before the construction of the wall, after German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that "there is no limit to the number of immigrants that Germany will enter the territory."In the wake of the declaration, and after many Muslim immigrants crossed the border into Hungary through Serbia, Hungary established a wall along the border and set up guard towers to prevent illegal immigrant infiltration into its territory.

Hungarian Border Hunter training
Hungarian Border Hunter trainingReuters

The wall's construction was greeted with great anger by the European Union and international institutions.The head of the UN refugee agency, Filippo Grand toured the Hungarian border and said: "When I stood near the border fence today, I felt how the whole system was intended for human beings, many of whom fleeing war and persecution, from entering the country." He also called on Hungary to dismantle the "transit areas" which allow Hungarian authorities to arrest all asylum seekers wishing to enter its territory until their request is examined.

Hungarian police van patrols Serb border
Hungarian police van patrols Serb borderReuters

Bakundi, for his part, announced the Hungarian government would continue blocking immigrants."There is constant migrant pressure on our borders. The steps taken to protect our borders continue to be necessary.Thanks to them, the number of illegal immigrants dropped dramatically.People who attack the wall's construction take a stand in favor of allowing a large number of people to enter the country with no control," said Bakundi.

Security guards stand by gate of transit zone where migrants held in container camps as asylum claim
Security guards stand by gate of transit zone where migrants held in container camps as asylum claimReuters