Rasmea Odeh
Rasmea OdehReuters

Convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh will be deported from the US to Jordan this Tuesday, after being found guilty of immigration fraud.

Odeh, 48, was convicted in 2013 for concealing her arrest, conviction, and imprisonment in her application for United States citizenship in 1995. Odeh had killed 2 Israelis in a 1969 supermarket bombing she carried out for Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Odeh received a life sentence for her role in the murder, but was released in 1980 in exchange for an Israeli soldier captured in Lebanon. Odeh immigrated to the United States in 1996, and became a prominent anti-Israel activist. In April, she was keynote speaker at the pro-Palestinian Jewish Voices for Peace Conference, where she implored the crowd to "stop the Zionist land grab in Palestine".

Odeh will depart Chicago's O'Hare Airport for Jordan on Tuesday, and is expected to be escorted by a large crowd of anti-Israel activists.

A notice promoting her send-off read that "we now have the departure date for our dear Rasmea Odeh. She will be leaving the U.S. for Jordan on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017.

"This is our last opportunity to say goodbye before she is forced to depart the U.S. after an almost four-year legal and political struggle, a struggle in which the defense committee organized day and night for #Justice4Rasmea, educated thousands about her case and the cause of Palestinian liberation, and made the name Rasmea synonymous with all of the other major social justice fights in the country."