The Golan Regional Council campaign to fill the hundreds of housing units it is now building received a boost recently when 40 new immigrant families from Argentina announced their plans to move to the Golan\'s \"capital,\" Katzrin. Four of the families have already arrived, and the rest expect to be there within the coming months. The campaign was struck a sharp blow for a few days this week, however, when the Israel Broadcasting Authority refused to air its commercials. Why? \"Because the Golan is a controversial area,\" came the official IBA explanation of a move that was prompted by a request from a left-wing Knesset Member. This afternoon, however, the IBA announced that it had rescinded the decision, and would air the commercial.

The Golan housing campaign, the first of its kind in ten years, is entitled \"Connect With the Dream,\" and includes 600 new homes in Katzrin and Golan communities. Another 300 will be offered at the end of the summer. Housing infrastructures will be subsidized by the government to the tune of over $7,000 per unit. For more information, visit \"\".