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The Twin Towers crumbled 16 years ago today, and our innocence lay smoldering under the piles of rubble. America knew that we were at war, that a band of fanatics lay plotting in the caves of Tora Bora attempting to overthrow civilization as we knew it. As President Bush said in his address to the nation, "Liberty itself has been attacked, and liberty itself will be defended."

The repercussions were not long in coming. Terrorists started disappearing off the streets and vanishing into secret CIA prisons. Airplanes without a pilot dropped Hellfire missiles onto those without a conscience. The Delta Force were inserted into the wild badlands of Tora Bora, and managed to dislodge 3,000 Al Qaeda fighters from their mountain fortress within weeks, a task that the Soviets failed to do despite 10 years of trying.

Back home, rotten business was brewing. A virulent strain in academia was opining that America's own actions had brought the attack on itself. They contended that only embracing the fanatical strain of Islam would ensure America's safety. They eventually took over the Democratic Party, and today control the hallowed halls of power.

The same CIA officials who courageously waged war against Al Qaeda were suddenly Investigated by the Justice Department for carrying out orders that the Attorney General had approved. Their lives were turned into a living hell. They were for forced to quit the CIA, retain expensive legal counsel, and defend their heroic actions that saved their country and homeland.

The same politicians who demanded action against the terrorists on September 12 abandoned them to the wolves when it became politically convenient.

For example, despite congressional records showing Nancy Pelosi being briefed by the CIA over its torture methods, she denies such to this and and continuously calls for their prosecution and imprisonment.‏

While we remember today what a band of extremists did to America that day, we must not forget what the politicians did to our finest. The names Jose Rodriguez, Cofer Black, Hank Crumpton, along with the others at the CIA should be remembered for the heroic acts they perfomed that saved the homeland even while being stabbed in the back by those thay they were protecting.