An Israeli singer and his family were attacked by an Arab lynch mob in eastern Jerusalem Saturday night, following a concert at a hotel near the Mount of Olives.

Avi Miller, a haredi singer who performed for guests at the Seven Arches Hotel Saturday evening, says he and his family were attacked by a mob of some 150 local Arabs who had blocked traffic in the A-Tur neighborhood of the capital and were inspecting passing cars for Jews.

“I often times sing on Shabbat,” said Miller, “and last Shabbat [this Saturday], I performed at the Seven Arches Hotel above the Mount of Olives.”

On their way back home, Miller told Kikar Hashabbat, he and his family drove towards Mount Scopus via the mixed neighborhood of A-Tur in eastern Jerusalem.

While driving through A-Tur, Miller suddenly found the road blocked by a mob of Arabs, who he says were carrying clubs and hurling stones at Jewish cars.

“As I was driving through A-Tur towards Mount Scopus, all of the sudden I saw 150 [Arabs] waiting with clubs, checking each passing car for Jews and smashing any Jewish vehicle with rocks.”

Within moments, the lynch mob spotted Miller’s car and began hurling rocks while approaching it.

“It was too late to turn around and drive away, and they had already started throwing stones at me. The car’s windows were scratched up pretty badly, and my kids were freaking out; my youngest daughter who was in the back was in a state of shock.”

At that point Miller, who was carrying a licensed firearm, exited the vehicle to confront the mob.

“I had no choice; I put on the handbrake, quickly exited the vehicle, drew my gun, and fire two shots in the air after I made sure that I wouldn’t hit anyone by accident.”

After Miller opened fire, the rioters fled the scene.

“At that point, the rioters ran away like ants, leaving behind the clubs they had been holding. After a few minutes a force of Border Police officers arrived and took control of the situation. At first, the officers took my gun, which I have a license for. But they returned it right away after they learned what had happened and even thanked me, saying that I behaved exactly as I should have.”

(Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that the incident in question occurred in the Abu-Tor neighborhood of Jerusalem, following the original transcript of the interview with Mr. Miller. The incident in fact occurred in the A-Tur neighborhood.)