Damage from Hurricane Harvey
Damage from Hurricane HarveyReuters

The Israeli government approved a $1 million donation to help repair the Jewish community in Houston that was devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

The assistance will be used to rehabilitate the community's schools, synagogues and community centers, which are not funded or supported by the authorities. The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs is currently examining the fastest and most effective way to transfer funds to the community,

The city's 60,000-strong Jewish community was devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Many of the schools and synagogues were out of use, and the community center (JCC) was flooded. Thousands of Jewish families also lost their homes.

The grant was initiated by Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett (Habayit Hayehudi). "The test of the Jewish State is when our brothers around the world are in a crisis," said Bennett. "There is a clear statement of mutual responsibility here,"

Bennett added that "it's time for the Jewish state to help our Diaspora brethren in distress. Just like they have helped us in our moments of distress, it is our duty to help them."

Houston resident Lawrence Katz said that he was impressed to see the State of Israel helping diaspora Jews."It's amazing that Israel is giving money to Jews around the world,and helping them" he told Arutz Sheva. "The symbolism is great. This is help the community can really use."