A 47-year-old Tel Aviv man is suspected of offering tens of thousands of shekels in exchange for harming his ex-wife's new partner.

The man owns a currency exchange business and works as a money changer. He is connected to a crime organization in central Israel.

An initial police investigation showed that the suspect turned to two people and requested they stab his wife's new partner. He showed them photos of the partner, and the two toured the area around the man's workplace in southern Israel.

In August, two undercover policemen spoke to the suspect, pretending to have been sent by the men who were asked to carry out the stabbing. The suspect reiterated his request, and promised 20,000 shekels in payment.

At a different meeting, the undercover officers asked the suspect if he wants to "give it to the man." The suspect responded by mimicing shooting someone's knees. He also said that after the deed is done, 250-300 thousand shekels might be available.

Recently, the suspect was brought to court and placed under temporary house arrest for similarly threatening the same man. It is suspected that the suspect attempted to receive compensation for the days he spent under house arrest. When his wife's new partner refused to provide compensation, the suspect attempted to expedite his stabbing plot.

An indictment will be submitted on Sunday against the suspect and those working with him.