Car Accident (illustrative)
Car Accident (illustrative)Flash 90

Israel Police reported that 793 traffic fines were given out in a single week, most of them on Highway 60 in Samaria.

Most of these fines, police said, were given to those who drive in ways which present a direct danger to the public.

Twenty-four licenses were revoked, 28 vehicles were confiscated, and 5 vehicles were sent to be destroyed. Police also gave 31 fines for use of a mobile device while driving.

Near the Dead Sea, police noticed an Arab vehicle which left its lane multiple times. When the driver opened the vehicle's door, they were met with a strong stench of alcohol. The Palestinian Arab driver, a resident of Hevron, was found to be under the influence of 571 mcg of alcohol per liter of air (2.5 times the legal amount).

On Highway 1 near Jerusalem, an Israeli Arab was pulled over for using his cellphone while driving. Investigating, police found this was not the driver's first offense. He was arrested and his vehicle confiscated for thirty days.

"Israel Police will cooperate with other agencies to enforce the laws against violations which cause traffic accidents. We will continue working to change the driving culture, while offering explanations and education to the drivers."

In March, Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) raised fines for traffic violations, and in July, an agreement was made to establish a joint Israeli-Arab civilian organization to combat traffic accidents. The group will also promote a lobby in the Knesset to push for legislation to combat the phenomenon.

In 2016, 372 people were killed in road accidents in Israel.