Haredi playing soccer - but not on Shabbat
Haredi playing soccer - but not on ShabbatFlash 90

In preparation for the ministerial vote on government Shabbat sports policy, an official political source accuses the haredi factions of weakness and duplicity.

"It is not clear to me why, when they are conducting such a noisy final battle about government railway works carried out by several dozen or hundreds of workers, some of whom are not Jewish, they deliberately abandon the struggle for the future of the Israeli sports industry, which is liable to receive a sweeping permit for Sabbath desecration," said the source.

According to him, the extent of Sabbath desecration in the sports sector far exceeds that of Israel Railways."We are talking about players, thousands of fans, sales people, media people, and tens of thousands of spectators," he says. "This is Sabbath desecration on an insane scale, which today may receive government sanction.How can the haredim live with it in peace?"

As for the claim that the haredim are not interested in being portrayed as granting legitimacy to the sports sector in the middle of the week, the source claims that the Sabbath overrides all other considerations."Who like the haredi representatives in the government recognize the value of the sanctity of Shabbat, the primary Jewish symbol that expresses the State of Israel as the state of the Jewish people; why do they abandon this value when it comes to sports?"

He made it clear that, together with the Jewish Home Party, an effective resistance bloc could be assembled to thwart the move."Official opposition on the table can stop the move, but the haredi representatives choose to play a double game and make a mockery of the sanctity of Shabbat, which is a shame."