Helping Elor and his family
Helping Elor and his familyScreenshot

A group of Israelis has raised 220,000 shekels for Elor Azariya and his parents, as part of an online project opened on the giveback website.

Azariya, a former IDF soldier, was convicted of manslaughter for shooting a wounded terrorist following a stabbing attack last year. He entered prison and began serving his sentence last month.

"We, the friends of Elor and the Azariya family, took upon ourselves to take care of the family while Elor is in jail," the initiators of the fundraising project said, promising that "all the money from the project will go to the Azariya family and is intended to help the family and Elor."

The stated goal is to raise 550,000 shekels, and the interim target of 220,000 shekels was successfully obtained on Monday night. The fundraising will continue until the 550,000 shekel mark is reached.

"We will not abandon Elor, Charlie and Oshra Azariya when they need us most," the initiators wrote on the project's website, adding, "We take care of them every day and every hour, we raise funds to support them and show them that the people of Israel have not abandoned them."

Those behind the fundraising project say that due to Elor's legal situation, it is not clear whether he will receive any IDF grants and deposit monies that are normally paid to every discharged soldier.

"If the IDF does not give, then we will,” they said.