Illegal immigrants in southern Tel Aviv
Illegal immigrants in southern Tel AvivFLASH90

A new report released by the Im Tirtzu organization has revealed that legal efforts to maintain the illegal immigrant community in south Tel Aviv and bar government attempts to deport infiltrators are being bankrolled in large part by the United Nations.

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants crossed into Israel over the past decade via the southern border with Egypt. Most of the infiltrators originated in Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, and other countries in northeastern Africa.

Following the construction of the border fence along the Israeli-Egyptian frontier, illegal border crossings plummeted by more than 99% - but only after some 60,000 illegal immigrants entered Israel prior to the construction of the fence in 2012.

Alongside the successful effort to halt illegal immigration into Israel, the Netanyahu government has sought to detain illegal immigrants away from major population centers, then repatriate them to their countries of origin, or to resettle them in other countries willing to accept them.

These efforts, however, have been hampered by a series of court rulings, including decisions by Israel’s Supreme Court.

Last week, for example, the Supreme Court struck down the Netanyahu government’s deportation orders for infiltrators who had been slated for expulsion.

Left-wing Israeli NGOs have figured prominently in the judicial battles over the government’s detention and deportation of illegal immigrants.

Now, a report published by the Im Tirtzu organization has revealed the sources behind those NGOs.

According to the report, the groups in question received more than 46 million shekels ($12,850,000) from foreign entities from 2012 to 2017, including the United Nations, the European Union and EU member states, the US, and the left-wing New Israel Fund.

The European Union topped the foreign donor list with a total contribution of 16,874,460 shekels ($4,714,000), followed by the United Nations with grants totaling 10,171,116 shekels ($2,841,000).

State donors to organizations providing legal assistance to infiltrators included Germany, which donated 6,663,828 shekels ($1,862,000); Norway, which gave 4,520,249 shekels ($1,263,000); Sweden, which donated 2,169,472 shekels ($606,000); 1,741,136 shekels ($486,400) from Switzerland; the UK with 934,803 shekels ($261,140); the US with 634,213 shekels ($177,170); The Netherlands with 427,145 shekels ($119,300); and Thailand with 93,000 shekels ($26,000).

A fund supported jointly by Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, and The Netherlands gave 2,079,602 shekels ($581,000).

In addition, the report found, the left-wing New Israel Fund contributed $12,485,032 since 2008 to the NGOs involved in resisting the government’s detention and deportation policies.

Im Tirtzu chief Matan Peleg blasted the foreign agencies and organizations cited in the report.

“The rights of the residents of south Tel Aviv are being trampled again and again by organizations which claim to be protecting human rights.”

“The [pro]-infiltrator organizations are working – with the funds provided by the UN, foreign governments, and the New Israel Fund – to do everything they can to secure citizenship for the infiltrators who have taken over entire neighborhoods and turned the lives of residents to an ongoing nightmare.”