Netanyahu meets with Putin
Netanyahu meets with PutinAlexey Gromov

Reports from Russian media outlets suggest Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin failed to bring the two leaders closer to an understanding on the Iranian threat and Russian backing for the Tehran regime.

Netanyahu met with Putin for more two hours last Wednesday in Sochi, during which time the Prime Minister detailed Iran’s push for hegemony in the region, its efforts to destabilize the Middle East, and the need for Russia to take steps to rein in its ally.

"Iran continues to threaten Israel's existence, and it funds terror organizations and missile plans," Netanyahu told Putin. "Wherever ISIS disappeared, Iran has taken over. Iran is already on its way to taking control of Iraq, Yemen, and in many ways has already taken over Lebanon."

According to a report by the Pravda newspaper, however, Netanyahu’s warnings may have fallen on deaf ears.

During the meeting, Putin reiterated his country’s support for the Tehran regime.

"Iran is Russia's strategic ally in the Middle East," Putin told Netanyahu.

Witnesses present during part of the nearly two-and-a-half hour meeting say that following the Prime Minister’s entreaties to the Russian leader, Putin sighed, telling Netanyahu his government would be unable to assist.

"Unfortunately, we can not help you here."

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, Netanyahu’s meeting with Putin is just part “of a wider international effort led by Prime Minister Netanyahu and intended to impress upon the world how dangerous Iran's foothold in Syria is."