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Air Canada Boeing 767iSrock

Human error was responsible for Air Canada allowing customers to buy tickets from Tel Aviv to Canada for $374 instead of $980.

The spree continued for five hours until the company's management became aware of the mistake and rectified it.

Travel agent Efraim Kamisar, the webmaster of, told Arutz Sheva that "someone at Air Canada made a data-entry error in the main computer system, a mistake that allowed passengers to buy airline tickets at a savings of $606," he said. "Tickets that were sold yesterday morning and this morning for $980, were sold for a few hours yesterday at $374."

Kamisar described his travel office as if it "turned into a situation room like on Sukkot Eve, and what's better than telling passengers that the order they placed from the search engine on my site is valid and the price is approved.There was great revelry for 5 hours, until someone in Canada woke up and shut the faucet."

According to Kamisar, it is not clear how many flight tickets were purchased during the five hours, but most of the purchase centers were in Israel and New York.