Stack of dollars
Stack of dollarsOrel Cohen, Flash 90

Israel Police will return on Thursday a large sum of money found on a bus.

The story began last Thursday, when a steward from the "Afikim" bus company arrived at the Ramat Gan police station with a large sum of money bound by a rubber band. According to the steward, one of the company's drivers had found the money in his bus late Wednesday night.

The driver, who drives Afikim's 422 line (Jerusalem - Bnei Brak), found the stack of bills while cleaning the bus. Presumably, the bills had been forgotten by one of the passengers. The driver brought the money to the steward, who brought it to the local police station's "lost and found" and requested aid in finding the owner.

After the money arrived at the Ramat Gan police station, the lost and found team published a notice in a local newspaper, informing Bnei Brak residents that a sum of money had been found on a bus.

The paper was published on Wednesday, and a man called the police station and correctly identified the money. He will pick it up at the police station on Thursday.